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Cinq Amis is IR35 compliant: what’s in it for you?

Come April 2020,  the responsibility to determine whether a contractor is within IR35 or not will move from the contractor to the organisation employing them. The impacts of this are not yet known but when this was announced in the 2018 Budget, it caused waves in the IT contractor industry.

After all, IR35 is the legislation which got three BBC presenters into trouble – they even had to pay tens of thousands in back taxes – for falling foul of IR35. Search the internet and you’ll find even more celebrities which were made to pay thousands because of IR35 and you’ll start understanding why many are feeling uncomfortable.

What is IR35?

IR35, or the Intermediaries Legislation as it is known by its more formal name, was first announced in 2000. Its aim is to remove any of the tax advantages individuals have when operating via a limited company. These rules were meant to impact mostly “disguised employees” but through the years many governments noticed individuals were still working outside the rules. So in 2017 new ‘off-payroll’ rules were implemented and all those working with the public sector had to be IR35 compliant in line with the new legislation.

These changes have already impacted the industry and for the first time in five years, there has been a decrease in IT contractors in the UK.

After all, many IT specialists have worked legitimately without having to worry about IR35 for years. Now, these new rules will be applied to the private sector come April 2020 and both contractors and clients have been urged to get themselves up to date and become IR35 compliant so they are not liable to any compliance issues or tax fines.

What are the advantages of Cinq Amis being IR35 compliant?

No need to worry about your IT contractor’s compliance

Advantages? Yes, that’s right. As disruptive as some clients may see things, we have a silver lining and that’s not having to worry about the IR35 compliance status of your contractor. Many companies are having trouble determining whether their contractors fall out or in of IR35 and a wrong move might see a serious fine imposed. Our clients know they are working with a company who are both PAYE and IR35 compliant so you can focus on what’s really important: your business.

Provide a substitute worker

While you can count on us for accurate testing on complex projects, some things are still out of our control; illness, time-off, etc. Part of being IR35 compliant means a contractor needs to provide a replacement worker in such cases. We are always in communication with our team members and, together with your project or account manager, we can make sure a replacement is available if needed. And unlike some in the industry, we won’t just fill that empty seat with anyone. You can count on a trusted specialist who has been briefed about your project and who understands your needs. Our clients know that when working with us they haven’t just hired one person but the expertise of a full team.

Niche technical skills at short notice

Over the years we’ve seen many projects fail because of lack of experience or insight. When we started Cinq Amis, our mentor program was an invaluable part of our work from day one.

This means we have people with the right skills for the right project, whether you are planning a long-term project or you need immediate expertise. No more junior testers being thrown in to projects and given a baptism by fire.

A personal touch

Apart from their rigidity, big software companies tend to forget that at the end of the day we are all human. Just like our mentor program, a personal touch is important in our business. Software testing is a very technical affair that impacts your operations so we ensure to keep a channel of open communication. We are that happy medium between a big company and the lone contractor. Put simply, you’re hiring an IR35 compliant company with the added benefit of keeping it personal.


Culture is important, we get that! We are not a large multinational who has a set way of doing things. We adapt to your needs. Big testing companies may come with their baggage which when unpacked may feel sluggish on your processes. Our services will not try to mould you into your competitors, because what’s the point of that? In this world where everyone is striving for uniqueness, we let you be who you are.

Why should you choose Cinq Amis?

Come April 2020, IR35 is going to affect all IT contractors and may have ramifications on the whole IT industry in the UK. No one can predict the future but you can certainly prepare for it.

With Cinq Amis you can rest assured that you are hiring an IR35 compliant firm with the added benefit of keeping the relationship personal. Our clients have a set of needs which bigger companies cannot address. There are companies out there who do not want a cookie-cutter experience. These companies need a contractor who can fit in their culture, who is flexible and can adapt a solution which is built from the ground up to their needs. Cinq Amis is equipped to do just that, with the added benefit of 20+ years of experience.

IR35 doesn’t need to be an extra headache when looking for an IT testing partner, and it shouldn’t keep you from plugging that all-important testing gap. Head over to our services to learn more about how Cinq Amis can be the perfect fit to all your testing needs.

Launched on 7th January, the Government’s latest review will conclude mid-February. In any case, here at Cinq Amis we are both IR35 and PAYE compliant, and whatever happens, you will still enjoy the benefits mentioned above. 



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