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Does ATM testing need evolution or a revolution?

The short answer? Both. The longer answer comes from taking a snapshot of the industry, its outdated practices and looking at how ATM testing agitators like ourselves can change the status quo.

Cinq Amis are leading an ATM testing revolution through an evolution of methodologies and mindset. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not rabble-rousers. We won’t storm the FS gates and blow the boardroom doors off. No. We care deeply about what we do and how we do it. And, we’ll share best practice with you. You just need to pause and listen…

You’re only as good as your troops We’ve seen the best and worst ATM testing projects. We’ve lived to tell the tales and know that in the short term, one of the biggest problems is putting the wrong people on the job. Which can slowly turn into a long-term project that becomes bloated, expensive and has a crawling end date that never seems to arrive.

Not any old testing contractor will do in today’s market. Don’t settle for the testing equivalent of a supply teacher. You need bonafide ATM testing experts.

Let them eat… their words Before the French Revolution, peasants were unbelievably poor, and many suffered…even starving to death. A loaf of bread was equal to a week’s wages.  Now, we’re not saying that the ATM industry is on the breadline, but bank closures, the need for a quick route to market and IT meltdowns like TSB cost dearly.

It cost them ‘over £330m in costs for customer compensation, fraud, and extra staff to fix the tech problems. It then took a further £36m hit the following year’. 

Where once, pockets were deep and any testing team would do, today’s reality needs ATM testers like Cinq Amis who’ll add specialism, not generalists to your project.

Specialists, not generalists We could humblebrag at how nice we are, how efficient we are, and how trusted we are. But, it’s just a bit…general.  Our specialist ATM testing skills make us a unique ally. We also have our own allies in Afferent Software and their suite of ATM testing solutions.

And, we’re putting the ATM in AuToMation by ditching physical machines or robots. We can get a team down to just two members. And thanks to overnight regression packs, we can run testing 24/7.

Not just ATM testers We’ve got the tech, the knowledge, and joie de vivre that make us indispensable. We can go bespoke and mix Agile or Waterfall for an Iterative approach. Strictly speaking, we’re not project managers but through a long-term partnership, we’ll get to know your company like a best friend with helpful advice. We’ll keep the ball rolling, analyse the problems, won’t over-promise and under-deliver. What more could you want?

When will your Independence Day be? Contact us to join the ATM testing revolution before the old ways splutter to a halt. Join the Revolution.



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