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The ATM testing ‘power of three’

Three is the magic number. The power of three in writing is a perfect descriptive force. Where would Harry be without Ron and Hermione? Zippy, without George and Bungle? You get the point.

While Cinq Amis means ‘five friends’ in French, for this article, we’re part of the proverbial Three Amigos; Cinq Amis, Afferent and the RapidFire suite of software testing tools.

While Afferent has the expertise and powerful tools, we provide the strategy and implementation for our clients (while offering ATM testing troubleshooting and the ability to influence their roadmap).

Combined, a triple threat to complacent software testing has arrived. Mainly, to solve three fundamental challenges:

  • Slow route to market because of slow testing and the need for physical machines

  • Inflexible testing tools used by 9-5 inflexible (and sometimes inexperienced) testers

  • Human error mistakes that cost (and add) time

Customers have 24/7 switched-on lives. Why shouldn’t the software/ATM testing industry run the same way? Well now, it can!

Yes, we’ll save you time, money and energy. But how?

We believe our partnership with Afferent/RapidFire couldn’t have come at a better time. They already have a suite of modern, intuitive, end-to-end testing solutions (which suits our pace). In addition to using RapidFire ATM XFS v2.1 to test your ATMs while they sleep, we can:

  • Reduce the need for extra personnel – our automation testing can get it down to 1 or 2 testers

  • Work 24/7 using overnight regression packs, whilst using our extensive and ever-expanding experience to speed up a testing cycle

  • Leave the hardware at home – automation software doesn’t need cards, cash or machines

Our three paths intertwine, leading to one clear route of more effective testing. As more sophisticated ATM functionality leads to more testing, it’s imperative you break away from the cumbersome norm to survive.

You can say goodbye to frequent Windows or other updates slowing your testing down. Reduce the need for big footprint physical testing onsite or in labs. We’ll conduct speedy regression testing for bugs found from shortcut, ‘quick fixes’.

Test more in less time. Test remotely. Get to market quicker. Save time, money and c-suite teeth gnashing. And, to add to all the savings you’ll make, we’ll even throw in some free knowledge transfer during any project or testing cycle.

We won’t hit and run on a project. We’re here to help you learn best-testing-practice to go forwards.

Like our relationship with Afferent/RapidFire, it’s built to last!



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