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The day has finally arrived! We are LIVE!

Welcome to Cinq Amis’s first blog. We have popped the proverbial blogging cherry!

Let me start by introducing you to Cinq Amis, specifically our founders, values, mission and promises.

Cinq Amis (French for five friends) was formed out of pure enjoyment for testing by five friends having worked together for over 10 years, all of whom enjoy each and every aspect of testing. When we formed the company, we wanted to show how testing could be undertaken whilst working in long term partnerships rather than throwing people at a problem. Expertise takes time to develop and we believe in taking that time, so you don’t have to.

Why are we different?

We are super happy to have formed the company and will be even more happy when you throw your worst programme at us. That’s right we absolutely relish the worst projects you have. Whether it’s the project that is running behind or a disorganised mess let us come in and organise the testing for you. Not only do we like a challenge, but we always deliver our promises with gusto and a smile.

We stand for something a little different:

Our Mission:

  • Challenge the status Quo. Here at Cinq Amis we believe in uniqueness, one size methodologies do not fit all (trust us, we have seen companies try).

Our Values:

  • We put people at the heart of Cinq Amis, we move fast, we will do whatever it takes to deliver to our clients. Transparency is Key!

  • We achieve our targets whilst doing what’s right & doing so at pace.

Our Promise:

  • We will never over promise & under deliver. We will never charge you to train our resources.

Don’t believe us?

Feel free to visit our site where you can find some of our testimonials:

Don’t believe them when they say one size fits all!

Trust us, we are experts in this field. Not all methodologies fit perfectly into every business as each company is unique. Contact us if your testing is a tad lacklustre or your framework needs updating. We would be happy to help bring it back to life.

And Finally…..

Which one of us is French?

So, we have a French name but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are French… right? In fact, none of the founding members are from France but we do love the pastries. This of course is not enough reason to name a company in French is it?  Well, in fact we wanted something which represented the friendship between the five of us and the pure love of testing and building testing teams and which Language is the language of Love?

Over the coming Months we will be diving into the founders & updating you with our new partnerships.

From all the Cinq Amis Founders – Thank you for visiting us today

Welcome to Cinq Amis!


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